SAKURA 2017 by Ikatan Persaudaraan Islam Jepun (IPIJ)

SAKURA 2017 by
Ikatan Persaudaraan Islam Jepun (IPIJ)

Ikatan Persaudaraan Islam Jepun (IPIJ) has organized a program for Malaysian students in Japan from 4th of May 2017 to 5th of May 2017 at Green Hall, Itabashi, Tokyo. The objectives of the program are to guide the participants to be a better Muslim and receive better understanding how to plan their future.

The program consists indoor and outdoor activities with forum session and panel discussion by Mr. Kyoichiro Sugimoto, President of Islamic Research and Foundation International and explorace around Tokyo cities. MPJA has sponsored some amount for the program and we hope it will help Malaysian students in Japan to get something from the program and IPIJ will organized more beneficial activity in order to build a great youth nation for Malaysia and Muslim community in Japan.




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