The First Halal Slaughterhouse in Japan Recognized by Indonesian Authority

Globally estimated 1.5 billion Muslim populate the world. Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population with 87% of total population. Due to this reason, the government has decided to further restrict the import of food products from other countries by signaling that it will soon make it mandatory for all imported items to be sold to Indonesia to have Halal certification.

With the concern of Halal products, Zenkai Meat Corporation has taken a quick respond  to this issue.  They officially certified as halal dedicated slaughterhouse in Kumamoto, Japan since May 2011 and became the first halal dedicated slaughterhouse that recognized by Indonesian authority. Since then, they have exporting halal Japanese beef (Halal wagyu) to Indonesia with a large scale every month.

With the target to expand more by 2020, they have started the market research by visiting other countries and joining events in oversea. For further spreading the real taste of halal wagyu,  now  you can do online purchase and have the grilled wagyu or shabu-shabu at home. Of course, you can have it with your local cuisine!


Pic. 1 Audit meeting Zenkai Meat Corporation in Kumamoto


Pic. 2 Surveillance audit meeting in Kumamoto


The Indonesian government cultivates the non-Muslims to understand that Halal is not just an Islamic value, but it is also one way to expand new market. And as a Muslim who is staying in a minority Muslim country, we must show a good sample to the community to help surrounding to have better and right understanding about Islam.

2 thoughts on “The First Halal Slaughterhouse in Japan Recognized by Indonesian Authority

  • Thu 1 Muharram 1439AH 21-9-2017AD at 12:13 AM

    Hi… I am keen to import halal Wagyu beef to Singapore.. Could you send me a list of your products and what grades of Wagyu you have..

    Lester ong

    • Mon 5 Muharram 1439AH 25-9-2017AD at 9:51 AM

      Hello Mr Lester Ong,

      Thank you for your interest.
      Kindly e-mail at for further details and we will introduce you to the exporter.
      Have a good day!

      MPJA Admin


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