Japanese Wagyu Tasting Event was held in Embassy of Japan in Malaysia!

On 11th July 2017, a celebratory reception for the 63th anniversary of the Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) was held at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Malaysia.
In the ceremonial, Japanese Wagyu tasting event was held to promote the early lifting of the import ban of Halal Wagyu to Malaysia.
Zenkai Meat Corporation. and Nishi Awa Beef Ltd. provided “Saikoro steak” (dice cut steak) that can be eaten easily in a bite size, “steak cut” with flavorful softness in texture of Wagyu, and“beef sushi” (broiled raw meat is put on sushi rice) with the savory raw Wagyu taste.


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<Niahi Awa Beef>


Malaysians, Japanese people from local hotels, restaurants and wholesalers were invited and we received good feedback from them. Some of the feedbacks are as below:

“I was deeply impressed with real wagyu for the first time!”

“The taste is different at all from Australian Wagyu!”

“Wow, this is what real wagyu testes like!”

“It was the first time to eat raw meat! I never knew there was such a way of eating! It is very delicious!”

“It melts in my mouth!”

“There is sweetness!”

“There is no unpleasant smell of beef!”

(* Japanese Wagyu has no smell because of the feed being used)
Especially after many of the Malaysians (from Malay, Indian, and Chinese descent) returned to the wagyu tasting spot again and again. They seemed very satisfied with Wagyu.
Although it was only a simple menu this time, we were glad that many people enjoyed Wagyu.

Some of the participants knew the meaning of “Wagyu” (Wa= Japan, Gyu = cow), but there were still many people who had mistook that Wagyu was originally from Australia.
It is unfortunate to hear such a misunderstanding because Wagyu is native to Japan.
In order to promote correct recognition of Wagyu, we do hope for immediate lifting of export ban for Halal Wagyu.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government is also trying to start exporting soon.
Lifting of the ban on export of Japanese Halal Wagyu is expected to contribute to the increase of export of agricultural products aimed by the Japanese government.

Zenkai Meat and Nishi Awa Beef who offered Japanese Wagyu in this event are now applying for certification of facilities as HALAL dedicated slaughterhouses to the Malaysian government.
Exporting Wagyu to Malaysia will be started if the applications are accepted.

We, as the Halal certification body that manage the halal aspect of the Halal dedicated slaughterhouses will strive to achieve immediate lifting on export.

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