Gifu Prefecture Organized Halal Hida-Gyu Food Tasting Event in Jakarta

Muslim Professional Japan Association(MPJA) president Mr. Akmal has participated in Food Tasting Event organized by Gifu Prefecture.
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Gifu prefecture aims to promote its Gifu breed Hida beef to Indonesia Muslim market. They have taken the effort by sending the Hida Wagyu cattle, to Halal dedicated slaughter house, Zenkaimeat located in Kumamoto prefecture to be slaughtered according to Sharia perspective.

Zenkaimeat is the first Halal dedicated slaughter house in Japan and is certified by both Majelis Ulama Indonesia(MUI) and Muslim Professional Japan Association(MPJA).

Some of the menu presented during the events are Hida Beef’s sushi, shabu shabu, sukiyaki and steak.

Mr. Akmal was invited to deliver a speech about Wagyu and Halal industry in Japan.
According to Gifu prefecture’s Department of Agricultural, they would like to promote Hida Beef brand from Gifu prefecture to Islamic countries and will work more to make Hida Beef brand known to foreign countries outside Japan.

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