Halal Matcha For All




Matcha is tea leaves in powder form made from tencha which is grown
without strong sunlight, steamed, dried and grinded in a stone mill with its veins and stems removed.


Sencha contained Vitamin A and other fibrous substances but all the nutrients cannot be ingested by the body because it is insoluble in water. In the other hand, Matcha is in a powdered formed. Thus, all the nutrients are easily absorbed.

Benefits of Matcha 

  • Contained antioxidant ingredients which can enhance immunity
  • Contained tea catechin and Vitamin C to prevent colds
  • Promoting fat burning and is effective for dieting
  • Preventing growth of germs which cause periodontal disease and bad breath
  • Strengthening teeth and prevent cavities
  • Theanine (type of amino acid) has a relaxing effect and improves the quality of sleep
  • Protecting and restoring skin from skin inflammation, sunburn damage and has the effect of beautifying skin.
  • Contained caffeine to remove fatigue and gives energy

In addition, Matcha is getting more popular these days in other countries because it is easy to use for sweets and confections and has good compatibility with sugar. Matcha has attract all the tourists who visit Japan to taste its mellow flavor. The variation foods of Matcha flavor has expand widely. Not only matcha tea, but you will find matcha softcream, cake, chocolate and others.



Not to forget Japanese traditional sweets. Matcha dorayaki which is a bun with a sweet-bean-jam filling is the favorite of the Japanese. These are all the traditional Matcha sweets that you should try before you leave Japan.







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