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For those who would like to import and purchase Halal Japanese beef
For your information, MPJA is a halal certification body in Japan and we do not involve in any trading activities. For further inquiry regarding import/sale of halal beef, kindly contact below:
H・M Ryochi Co., Ltd. (Trading Company)
Please be informed that halal beef from our certified Halal dedicated slaughter cannot be exported to certain countries. Due to not meeting the health and safety requirement of the importing countries, the halal beef cannot be exported to the countries as below:
America, Canada. EU, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico
Apart from above, there are other countries that our certified slaughterhouse cannot export to as they are not listed in the list of eligible meat processing establishment between Japan and the importing countries. Please contact the government organization of each country for further details.
For those who would like to import halal product
We are pleased to introduce companies that have our halal certificate. Kindly let us know which country you are considering to import to. After that, we will make an appointment with the said company.
For those who would like to know MPJA halal standard
We only disclose our halal standard to MPJA halal certification’s applicant. We appreciate your understanding.



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