MPJA Certification Procedure

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MPJA Certification Procedure

MPJA will support the acquisition of the halal certification of the manufacturer to practice and assure the production of halal products meets the needs of Muslims and our halal standard.


5 Steps for granting MPJA Halal Certificate

  1. Halal certification application
  2. Application evaluation process
  3. Agreement and quotation
  4. Site audit
  5. Fatwa Committee evaluation

Basic requirement to obtain MPJA Halal Certificate

  • For restaurant and manufacturing:
  1. Have no pork content and its derivatives.
  2. Have no intoxicated materials content and its derivatives.
  3. Materials of animal origin must be derived from halal animals which have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic principles and proven with a halal certificate.
  4. Have no materials content containing materials that are forbidden or classified into najis such as carrion, blood, intoxicated materials, materials derived from a human organ, feces, etc.
  5. All storage facilities retail outlets.

・For slaughterhouse:

1.Must employ slaughterman who is Muslim and trained in a slaughtering process according to Islamic principles (own a slaughtering certificate).

2.The slaughtering locations must be far from pig breeders and slaughtering locations.

3.Implementing slaughtering standard procedure according to Islamic principles.