Characteristics of MPJA

About us

about mpjaWelcome to the Muslim Professional Japan Association (MPJA), one of Japan’s leading Halal certification bodies (HCB).
Since 2013, MPJA has been committed to helping halal consumers through the issuance of Halal certification and advocacy on spreading Halal within Japan.

As one of our main services, MPJA provides Halal certification to the local industries.
Our logo, the Fuji mark with the Arabic word ‘Halal’ helps consumers to select goods, assuring, and guarantee them that what they buy is clean, safe, and good to consume.

Our Mission

  • Spread awareness and knowledge about the Muslim community to the Japanese society
  • Provide legitimate and accurate Halal certification based on international standards
  • Bridging Japan with the Muslim world by creating the relation of producers and consumers’ needs in Halal services.
  • Support creating a friendly trading market in the various fields between Muslims and Japanese, on both local and global levels.

MPJA Mutual-Recognitions

To show our commitment to spreading Halal, MPJA has been certified and recognized by the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) since 2015, Jabatan Agama & Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) since 2016, and the Islamic Committee Office of Thailand (CICOT) since 2018. and the GSO2205-2 Certification since 2021. As one of the recognized Halal Certification Body, MPJA has been promoting and implementing the proper Halal Standards that increase the consumer’s trust domestically and internationally.

MUI is an Indonesian organization that issues Halal certification, while JAKIM is a Malaysian government agency and GAC is a Gulf Cooperation Council. These bodies have been the benchmark reference for Halal certification bodies around the world.

We are also a member of the World Halal Food Council (WHFC) since 2015. WHFC represents 46 Halal Certification Bodies including from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, America, and Europe with a total formation of 26 countries.


MPJA Halal Logo


  • 1.Mount Fuji with a white-colored peak in the center of the logo
  • 2.The Arabic word ‘Halal’ at the center of the logo
  • 3.The oval logo contains the word “Muslim Professional Japan Association” and “Halal For All MPJA”
  • 4.One small five-pointed stars placed at the bottom of the logo to separate the “moto” and “MPJA” word