International Recognition of Halal Certification Body

MPJA holds the industry’s highest level when it comes to Halal certification standards, as it maintains an international relationship with the industry’s major Halal certification bodies.  As such, MPJA can issue certification marks that are highly effective in many parts of the Muslim world. Currently, MPJA is officially approved (mutually recognized) by the following overseas Halal certification bodies:

・ Malaysia Islamic Development Agency (JAKIM)

・ Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI)

・ Thailand Islamic Central Committee (CICOT)

Responsibility of the Certification Body

・Ensuring that the Halal products to be exported to the recognition country are in compliance with the country requirement.

・Submitting the to the country Halal certification body an audit report on the plants under its supervision.

・Informing the country Halal certification body of any changes regarding the plant monitored

・Informing the country’s Halal certification body of any changes in the organization.