Welcome to the official website of the Muslim Professional Japan
Association (MPJA).

We are a halal certification body (HCB) based in Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese Products and Halal Certification

Our Concept - "Delivering the WAGOKORO"

WAGOKORO: The word 'wa' signifies something traditionally Japanese, representing softness, peace, and harmony in diversity. In Japanese philosophy and culture, 'wa' symbolizes Japanese spirituality. 'Gokoro' means 'heart' or 'soul.' In other words, 'wa-gokoro' embodies the pure and honest thoughts of the Japanese people.

We have always felt that Japanese products have great appeal to the world. Many people in the global market think that Japanese products, manufactured with advanced technology and strict quality control, are safe. The quality standard of Japanese products is a great attraction that we can offer to the world. For Muslims, too, Japan's thorough quality control is interesting. This is because we believe that there is a similarity between Japanese quality control and halal management.

Today it is said that nearly one out of every four people in the world is Muslim, and halal products are in demand all over the world. Many Muslims are interested in Japanese products and wish to obtain them, but the current situation is that products and foods Made In Japan are not widely available in the Islamic market. We are making efforts to certify halal products in Japan in the hope that as many people as possible will understand the excellence of Japanese products. Halal standards, which have many similarities with Japanese quality control standards, are not something that 'only Muslims understand'.

We believe that through Halal certification, we can deliver good Japanese products to Muslims and seeds for further business development to Japanese companies. Please feel free to contact us for more information about Halal products, Halal raw materials, and Halal certification.


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