MPJA Muslim Friendly Certification


Halal certification for restaurants such as restaurants and accommodation facilities including restaurants in hotels has already been extensively carried out in Japan as an inbound service. Based on the standards of the Islamic Development Agency of Malaysia (JAKIM) and the Urama Council of Indonesia (MUI), with which MPJA has a mutual certification relationship, the important point in halal certification for restaurants and accommodation facilities is in the facility. There are conditions such as the provision of non-halal foods (pork, non-slaughtered meat not slaughtered according to Islamic law) and alcohol in principle is prohibited, and the employment of Muslim employees is required. In Japan, those that can meet these extremely strict standards are limited to ethnic restaurants in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and stores that specialize in Muslim support.


Therefore, MPJA has established a system called “Muslim-friendly certification” in a form that is looser than halal certification in accordance with the Japanese environment. By using this “MPJA Muslim Friendly Certification”, it is possible to provide non-halal foods including alcohol, provided that the facilities are thoroughly classified, and it is obligatory to hire Muslim employees. (However, the use of pork is prohibited in principle throughout the facility). Classification within the facility is possible by establishing a mechanism in which the kitchen/cooking utensils used for cooking halal menus are not used for cooking non-halal menus.

One of the features of the “MPJA Muslim Friendly Certification” is that it has been recommended by the Malaysian Islamic Development Agency (JAKIM), and it has the advantage of being recognized by the Malaysian halal certification body while adapting to the Japanese environment.



<JAKIM Muslim Friendly Certification Recommendation Letter>

The following is the flow of MPJA Muslim Friendly Certification. This process is based on the process of halal certification and has been approved and recommended by the Malaysian Islamic Development Agency (JAKIM).