MPJA Muslim Friendly Certification

“Gyumon: The Pioneer of Halal compliant Yakiniku Restaurant”


Providing the highest level of hospitality to all visitors to Japan from the world.


Inbound Services at restaurants and accommodation facilities has been resumed in Japan after covid 19 pandemic and the expansion helps muslim living in Japan at the same time. Based on the standards of the Islamic Development Agency of Malaysia (JAKIM) and the Urama Council of Indonesia (MUI), with which MPJA has a mutual certification relationship, the important point in halal certification for restaurants and accommodation facilities is the system to assure halalness in the facility. There are conditions such as the provision of non-halal foods (pork and other meat not slaughtered according to Islamic law and alcohol etc.) are prohibited in halal menu, and the employment of Muslim employees is required. In Japan, wehre estimated muslim population is 0.2%, we give intense halal seminar/ training to owner and workers of the restaurants and hotels instead.

We genuinely hope to extend our certification to as many as restaurants and hotels who are willing to have hospitality, services, and foods for Muslims. In this way, we will have more places, where Muslims feel both safe and enjoyable at the same time, in Japan.


Therefore, MPJA has established “Muslim-friendly certification” in accordance with the Japanese environment. By using this “MPJA Muslim Friendly Certification”, restaurants will have to provide halal menu and establish halal menu controlling system to assure the halalness at all process from ingredients, preparation, cooking, cutleries, serving to washing. Once they are Muslim Friendly certified, they will be able to tell you where the nearest prayer room you can access from the facility is. There are more criteria for restaurants and hotels have to go through.

One of the features of the “MPJA Muslim Friendly Certification” is that we have been recommended by the Malaysian Islamic Development Agency (JAKIM), and it has the advantage of being recognized by the Malaysian halal certification body while adapting to the Japanese environment.



<JAKIM Muslim Friendly Certification Recommendation Letter>