What is HALAL?

halal_logoDerived from the core principles and teaching of Islam, HALAL (حلال) is an Arabic word that means “permissible” with its opposite being HARAM, “not permissible.”

Halal is a way of life from your relationship with God, honoring your parent, respecting people, keeping your promise they are all choosing to be on the right path. This is where halal food and products come into consideration. Thus, halal foods mean any foods that are allowed to be eaten according to Islamic sharia law.

In general, food can be consumed by everyone. But Muslims can only consume Halal food. The same goes for vegan. They can only eat vegetarian food. But general people can consume Halal and vegetarian foods.

There is a BIG misunderstanding regarding halal foods. People always thought that halal food can only be eaten by Muslims. But it is NOT TRUE! Have a try and you may find that halal food has the same taste as other foods. It is just how the food is processed and the included ingredients.