Certification Product

We have over 10 years of experience in Halal certification and our auditors, who are experienced in the Halal and manufacturing industry, will conduct both documentary and on-site audits. This enables our professional auditors to not only confirm compliance with Islamic jurisprudence, but also to conduct audits from a health and safety perspective. A company with interaction standards such as ISO or GMP will help us understand more about the health and technical aspects and syariah compliance. There are various categories of certification for both large and small companies, and recently we see an increase in slaughterhouses, cosmetic ingredients, and household products such as sanitizers.

Halal meat used to be very rare until a few years ago, however, recently the demand for Halal meat has increased overseas, and the number of slaughterhouses has also increased. In addition, MPJA was the first company in Japan to be certified as a “Halal dedicated Wagyu slaughterhouse” in 2017.


認証実績 一例

*Photo shows notification data from the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Malaysia, which recognized two halal slaughterhouses as halal in 2017.
The slaughterhouses are required to be audited by the exporting country, pass a rigorous review by a mutual certification body and a veterinarian, and are then notified by both bodies that they are halal-compliant slaughterhouses.
Please see the following table for other certified products.

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